Dec 10, 2019
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Posters Presentations:

Applying Modeling & Visualization to Predict Supply Chain Freight Costs When There is Limited Information Available
2Data Driven health system to take action: Guatemala Indicators monitoring system for contraceptive insurance
3Digitizing the Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI) protocol to assist frontline health workers (FHWs) in correctly categorizing and managing childhood illnesses
4Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) based Tracking: Scaling up low-cost technology to improve workforce monitoring for improved geographic coverage of immunization services 
5Using Frontier Technologies to Treat TB in Tanzania, Ukraine, and India 
6Improving Fetal Monitoring with a Low Cost Monitoring Device and Mobile Decision Support
7The One Health Approach in Burkina Faso
8Performance of Routine Information System Management Assessment in Burkina Faso
9Performance of Routine Information System Management Assessment in Cote d'Ivoire
10Performance of Routine Information System Management Assessment in Mali
11Global yet Local: Lessons learned from scaling a standardised digital health app in multiple countries
12Digital tools to facilitate care management of late-stage cancer patients in Tanzania
13Data science to reduce risks of HIV patient attrition
14Improving Maternal and Child Health knowledge and practice using digital Health
15Combating Stigma and Increasing Provider Competence: Utilizing Technology for Inclusive Transgender & HIV Care
16Leveraging OpenSRP to improve community health care service delivery, strengthen accountability, aid in decision-making, and generate real time data for M&E on RMNCH and Malaria in Lake and Western Zone in 2019-2020
17OSMA Application: Innovative ICT Approaches for Automation of HPN SBCC Materials Submission and Approval Process
18Development of digitized educational evaluation checklists to support implementation of neonatal resuscitation programs in low/middle-income countries
19Elevating the visibility of low-level providers in the private sector: using a mobile reporting platform to encourage reporting into DHIS2 
20Mobile Curriculums for Workforce Training
21The use of GIS and spatial analysis as evidence based data use in sustaining institutional delivery interventions; Lake and Western zones in 2016 to 2019
22Using EPI cStock data and principles of developing digital health to influence scaling up of digital health services in the Southern Malawi
23Last Mile Vaccine Visibility in Ethiopia through Mobile Logistics Stock Management Tool
24Blockchain based mobile Immunization tracker for PHC and Community in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria
25Digital health for MNCH Quality of care: Innovating to create demand for data use, enhance program performance and improve health outcomes in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.
26Improved HIV testing monitoring in Zambia through enhanced real-time program surveillance 
27Expand horizons of the mobile industry's opportunity by building SDGs into its core businesses: KT's Global Epidemic Prevention Platform(GEPP) and National Digital Health Platform for better tomorrow for all
28OpenLMIS: a certified global good for transforming public health supply chains
29Development and Initial Validation of a Frontline Health Worker mHealth Assessment Platform (MEDSINC®) for Children 2-60 Months of Age
30An Indecent Proposal: Lets Talk Frankly About Engaged Usage!
31Teaching Biomedical Informatics and Digital Health to 15,000 medical students in Mexico: the UNAM experience 

Implementer and Spatial Analyst-Health Informatics Officer
Save the Children International
Project Coordinator
Abt Associates
Country Program Manager
Indiana University School of Medicine
Associate Research Professor of Pediatrics
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