2019 Global Digital Health Forum

Join us December 9-11 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center just outside Washington, DC for the 6th Annual Global Digital Health Forum!

The theme for this year's event - Celebrating Innovation and Supporting Proven Practices at Scale - seeks to balance the need for evidence based scaling of proven systems with the urgent need to determine how emerging technologies and approaches can dramatically improve health outcomes. 

 The 2019 Global Digital Health Forum will be an expanded event, with capacity for 600-700 attendees to accommodate the increased demand we saw last year.  We will have engaging sessions to connect government stakeholders, digital health technologists, researchers, donors, implementers and field experts from across the globe. The Forum will once again feature TED-style talks, panel presentations, hands-on workshops, the interactive "Appy Hour", vendor tables, and an opportunity to showcase your work on a poster. 

Please note that the Forum will take place at a hotel this year, and we have been able to negotiate a special conference rate of $179 per night which we strongly encourage attendees to use.  Please book your room using the link here or be sure to mention the 2019 Global Digital Health Forum when you book over the phone.

The Bethesda North Marriott and Conference Center is conveniently located at 5701 Marinelli Rd, Rockville, MD 20852 at the White Flint Metro stop. Click here for a map of the location.

Please contact globaldigitalhealthforum@gmail.com with any inquiries.


Thanks to our 2019 Global Digital Health Forum sponsors!

If you would like to sponsor, please see our prospectus Global Digital Health Forum Prospectus 19 5.31 (1).pdf.

Conference Tracks

Please see below the 2019 Global Digital Health Forum Conference Tracks:

  1. Digital Health for Clients

  2. Digital Health for Healthcare Providers 

  3. Digital Health for Health Systems Managers 

  4. Digital Health Hardware

  5. Cutting-edge Technologies: AI, Blockchain, digital IDs, virtual reality, micro-mapping, etc.

  6. Lessons from other sectors: Agriculture, Education, Finance, Social Services and other areas

  7. Data Use strategies, people and processes: Capacity building, demand generation and other key topics across health system levels

  8. Human resource capacity building for sustainable digital health systems

  9. Private sector engagement: innovative business models and the role of the private sector in national digital health systems 

  10. Sustainable financing for digital health and the roles of digital health in support of health financing, including UHC

  11. Health Information Systems architecture: Enterprise Architecture, OpenHIE, etc. 

  12. Country digital health strategies, governance structures and emerging best practice

Abstract Submissions

The call for abstract submissions is now closed. Thank you all so much for the overwhelming response. We've received over 400 submissions from 61 countries and 700 authors and will be making abstract acceptance notifications by the end of August.

Session types are as follows:

  •  "Appy Hour" - The Appy Hour will be part of a tech salon of software and hardware presentations during a Networking event at the Forum.  Presenters must be able to demonstrate for conference attendees how their application or hardware works.  Presenters may also choose to have a fact sheet, brochure or other print materials available to provide additional information about their product.  Only one presenter name is allowed with abstract submissions of this type.
  • Interactive Workshop - Interactive workshops will be 60 minutes and must be planned to engage participants in hands-on learning.  The Interactive workshops will aim to highlight an important digital health topic combined with an activity to further participant understanding of the topic. Up to two presenter names are allowed with this type of abstract submission.
  • Lab Session - Lab Sessions will be 2-3 hour sessions that will provide participants with tutorials and significant hands-on experience using digital health platforms.  Only submissions that focus on a broad digital health topic or need, such as medical record systems or GIS, and include the use of more than one software tool or application, will be considered. For  example, a Lab Session could provide training for participants on how to customize content and build a mobile training application to reach health workers.  There will be a limited number of Lab Sessions accepted for the Forum and limited seating for participants in these sessions. Up to three presenter names are allowed with Lab Session abstract submissions.
  • Panel Presentation - Panel Presentations are 15-20 minute presentations accompanied by Q&A with session participants. Forum organizers will work to match to individual panel presentations with other related submissions by thematic, geographic or technical area.  Only one presenter name is allowed with Panel Presentation abstract submissions.
  • Poster Presentation - Poster presentations will be featured in their own session this year and will remain available for the duration of the event. All Poster presenters will have an opportunity to present their work and interact with participants for Q&A. Only one presenter name allowed with abstract submissions of this type.
  • Pre-formed Panel - Pre-formed panels should include 3 presentations on the same topic, and should last no longer than 60 minutes, including time for Q&A.  Presenters will give a powerpoint presentation followed by guided Q&A.  All pre-formed panels must also identify a moderator for the session. Pre-formed groups with interactive content should apply as an interactive workshop. Each presentation can have one presenter, for a total of three presenters allowed with a Pre-formed Panel abstract submission.
  • TED-style talk - A TED-talk format will give presenters a chance to deliver an 5-7 minute presentation to the plenary, without slides or notes, in a storytelling format.  To be considered in this category, presenters will need to submit a link to a brief, 1-2 minute video of themselves describing their topic in addition to an abstract. Click here for examples of successful TED Talks. Only one presenter name is allowed with abstract submissions for a TED-style talk.


The Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center is conveniently located at 5701 Marinelli Rd, Rockville, MD 20852, a 3-minute walk from the White Flint Metro stop on the Red Line. 

**Click here to reserve your room today at the Bethesda North Marriott at our special conference rate!**

5701 Marinelli Rd, Rockville, MD 20852